Promoters: Who they are

Promoters are individuals that are paid to bring direct exposure to an event like a concert or to a night club. Promoters are more affordable than paying a marketing company to run multiple campaigns on radios, magazines, posters and the like. Promoters can be the best sales person, Promoters can be the most organized person, promoters can be the most creative person and promoters can be the most tenacious person. Promoters are the most reliable producers; if they do not deliver they do not make money.

Promoters: What they do

What Promoters do is known as event Promotion or nightclub Promotion. Promoters are very important people, simply because they are the ultimate publicist and sales people. For concerts, event, and night clubs they are the main people responsible for everything. They bring the customers, they bring the talent and they bring the party. Promoting is not easy at all, it’s quite a difficult task in that a Promoter have to achieve a better and faster result than large marketing companies without any of the tools. The primary responsibility of promoters is to make sure customers attend the event or night club but sometimes they are also responsible for booking talents, setting up a venue with the right lights, sounds, bar, staff and door policy. If an event or night club is packed then you congratulate the promoters, just as well as you would blame the promoters if the event or night club is empty.

Promoters: How they work

Way back during the ice age, event promoters and night club promoters will use hand flyers, posters, radio djs and local talents to promote a specific event or night club. More recently night club promoters would use social media like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, emails, text and digital flyers to get the word out. However, big scale event promoters still use the posters, hand flyers, radio but also rely on party promoter for direct access to their network. The more experienced individuals would use their looks, their charms while out on the town. This approach is much more sophisticated and would create an intimate connection with the customer which means they are more likely to show up to the night club.

Promoters: What they earn in Salary

Most night club promoters are seen as college dropouts and lacking in strong education. However, there is nothing better than life experience and on the job training which works extremely well for promoters. Some people choose to become promoters while most randomly fall into it, usually because of their situation. Depending on the individual night club promoter, considering their look, education, confidence, training and city, most promoters’ salary can average anything from $24k to $60k per year; this is really a part time income for a very average night club promoter. The more experience, top night club promoters will earn $500k to several million dollars. It is relatively common in entertainment cities Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London and New York. Some nightclub promoters can demand a flat fee per night or pay per head but the more experienced promoters with a big team and a big pull will demand profit sharing.

At eVita Parties, we are always hiring and training promoters. We work with multiple night clubs and provide guest lists and promoters to multiple night clubs every night of the week. If you want to work as a promoter or host, send us an email with your picture, contact information and Facebook link to the email above this page.

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