How to become a Night club Promoter

If you want to become a Night club promoter, you need to either have a big network of friends and colleagues or have an abundant of confidence. If you don’t have a big network then you will need to go out to network and meet people. You will need to go out and connect with 10-20 per night, collect phone numbers religiously and make new friends very fast. If you want to become a club promoter, you will have to target 20-24 year old students because they have the time to party more often that the older crowd. If you want to become a club promoter, you will need to look good, speak well, speak fast and become the ultimate sales man.

Below are different types of night club promoter position and their responsibilities.

Partner Promoters

Head night club promoters sometimes referred to as partner promoters or senior promoters are usually the more experienced promoters that have a strong base. Partner promoters are usually responsible for everything to do with filling up the night clubs. They have to book all the talent, hire staff, designers and deliver majority of the customers. They only make money after all the expense and sub promoters are paid. These night club promoters can pull 75-100 or more customers through the door. Partner Promoters usually make $500 to $1000 per night, especially on weekend. To become a partner night club promoter, you have to start as a host or sub promoter. You have to establish a strong network of clubbers which usually take two or more years.

They usually hire other night club promoters or sometimes new night club promoters to work under them, they are known as sub promoters. Most Downtown LA night club promoters are partner promoters. Also most night club promoters that cater for African America, Asian of Hispanic crowd are almost always partner promoter or sub promoters.

Sub promoters

Sub promoters are night club promoters that work under another night club promoter. There are always sub promoter jobs. Sub promoters earn $3-$5 for each person they bring to the club. Average pay per night for sub promoters can range from $100 to $300, mostly paid in cash. Eventually, sub promoters will become head promoters. Sub promoters make up the Majority of Los Angeles Club Promoters.

Hosts Promoters

Host Promoters are night club promoters with very limited responsibilities. These are Hollywood Club Promoters, because they mainly exist in Hollywood. Their job as a host club promoter is pretty much limited to looking after a group of models, celebrities or stunning ladies at complimentary bottle service table. To become a host promoter, you will have to know several models or stunning ladies but more importantly, you will need to be very attractive. You will need to be able to get them to show up to your night club and sit on your table all night. Host club promoters usually earn a flat fee per night. It could be anything from $100-$500 per night. This type of club promotion is very common in Hollywood. Brand new Clubs in Hollywood are always looking for host promoters to help with branding.

At eVita Parties, we are always hiring and training promoters. We work with multiple night clubs and provide guest lists and promoters to multiple night clubs every night of the week. If you want to work as a night club promoter or host, send us an email with your picture, contact information and Facebook link to the email above this page.

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