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Guest List – definition, Noun.
a list of the people invited to a particular event
a list of people who are to be admitted to an event without payment

The definition of night clubs’ Guest List has severely changed, especially in cities like Hollywood, Las Vegas and London. Placing your name on a promoter’s Guest List can help you get inside the night club but

1. Even on Guest List, the door person has the final say
You might not make it inside if you are NOT considered adequately pretty or thin. Regardless of GuestList, you might be stuck at the door. Sometimes, it could be because the door person thinks you are the wrong ethnicity for that specific club night. However, if the door person likes your look then you will get you in, even if you are NOT on the GuestList.

2. Even on Gues List you still have to pay though you might get a discount

Most people assume, Gues List is free but NOT anymore. Many clubs are struggling so they have to charge at the door so that they can make rent and pay staff. However, if you are considered to be pretty enough, thin enough and NOT the wrong ethnicity the door person will let you in free. Even if you are NOT on the GuestList.

3. You still have to wait in the Guest List line though you might get in fast

No one wants to wait at the door. Everyone wants that VIP entry, especially after signing up for Guest List. Unless you are best friends with a promoter or arrive with a bonafied celebrity, fast entry does not really happen. However, if you are pretty enough, thin enough and NOT the wrong ethnicity the door person will let you in fast. Even if you are NOT on the Guest List

If you want to guarantee your entry every time without GuestList then you have to either be born looking like a supermodel, become great friends with a young celebrity that likes to party, become great friends with a promoter or club owner. Your only other option is to search online and get on a Promoter’s GuestList. One thing to remember, always speak to the promoter to make sure your GuestList is confirmed.

In Hollywood, Downtown LA and the rest of Los Angeles, most night clubs do not offer Guest List at all. They completely depend on promoters to bring the crowd; this means using the Guest List service on the night clubs’ website is totally pointless. However, in London and Las Vegas, most night club offer direct Guest List which normally means ladies are free and guy will receive a discount before 11pm. But they also work with multiple promoters and would honor their promoter’s Guest List, if you have the look.


Always make sure you apply for Guest List to the appropriate club night especially in Hollywood. To know more about this, click here Hollywood Guest List.

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