eVita Parties works with multiple Promoters to provide Bottle Service and Guest List to Night Clubs, Nightlife Events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London but mostly Hollywood. We also provide Party Planning, Limousine and Party Bus Rentals Service.

    If you are looking for nightlife related things to do in Downtown LA, Hollywood, greater Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or London then you are on the perfect website. eVita Parties provide a comprehensive guide to Guest List, Bottle Service, Promoters, Night Clubs, Nightlife, Events, Party Planning, Limousine and Party Bus Rentals. If we are unable to provide the service directly, we know someone who can.

    As well as locals, we cater for travelers, tourists, international business groups, and we specialized in group events like birthday party, bachelor party and bachelorette party planning services. We also excel in VIP services such at finding the best Bottle Service to fit your budget, walk-in service, Limousine and party bus rentals services to fit your budget. To find out more, >>CLICK HERE<<


    Securing Guest List will improve your chances of getting in without a long wait, but it’s not a guarantee. It may eliminate or reduce the cover charge at some Night Clubs and not at others. Brand new Night Clubs usually do not charge cover but it really depends on how good you look. If you look great, you will get in. If you don’t, then you won’t get in or you will have to pay their cover charge. To read more about Night club Guest list Click here >>> Guest list

    Getting on any Hollywood Guest List can be tiresome. Promoters in Hollywood have to know what you look like. If you are very attractive that makes it much easier other wise, it’s unlikely they will return your call. Almost all promoters require a picture or ask to see your Facebook. If you refuse then they will assume that you are ugly and refuse to help you. We provide guest list for events at the best night clubs in Hollywood, downtown LA, Las Vegas, London and greater Los Angeles. Complete our guest list form for approval, if we can’t help we will provide other options. For Hollywood Guest List Click here >>> Hollywood Guest List


    In cities like Los Angeles & Las Vegas, bottle service is ideal to avoid long lines. However, in Hollywood, bottle service is the key to avoid the headaches that comes with clubbing. People wait in line for hours outside most night clubs, group of guys especially suffer the most. It is a requirement for all groups of more than 3 guys.

    eVita Parties is the company of choice for corporate clients and large group out to celebrate their birthday party, bachelor party and bachelorette party. Bottle service reservation is a specialty of eVita Parties because we are not tied to any night club. We know all the special offers available for groups with limited budgets.

    Bottle service provides you with the opportunity to prepay for your drinks at the door, walk in fast & free to a reserved table with your friends where you will find yourself seating amongst VIPs. If you are seeking the very best nightlife experience then you need bottle service. For more on this, click here >>> Bottle Service


    Promoters are very important people simple because they are the ultimate publicist and sales people. For concerts, event, and night clubs they are the main people responsible for everything.

    If you enjoy the Night Club scene and are new in Los Angeles, especially in Hollywood, Las Vegas or London then you need to connect with a Night Club Promoter. Maybe you just turn 21 and want to start clubbing or maybe you have a large network of friends and you want to make money partying then you need to become friends with a Promoter today.

    To learn everything you need to know about Promoters click here >>> Promoters

    To learn everything you need to know about How to become a Promoter click here >>> Club Promoter


    If you have ever seen any Night Club on a recent episode of any Los Angeles reality show, chances are the club is on our list of Night clubs in Los Angeles and we can provide guest list to it. If you would like to get in to any of the clubs listed on this page.

    Night Clubs in Los Angeles are great, but as much as the venue, it is the timing that determines the hot spot of the moment. Every night is a different promoter, different music, a different crowd, and a completely different experience.

    Night Clubs in Hollywood tend to go super cold within 6-12 months of the grand opening whereas Downtown LA Night clubs tend to last much longer. There is a huge difference between the crowd and atmosphere in downtown and Hollywood.

    For a comprehensive list of all Night Clubs in Los Angeles and to find the Address, Parking, Hours, Capacity, Crowd, Entry Requirement, Dress Code, Music and the Best Night, click here >>>


    Nightlife is the collective term for all available evening and late night entertainment eVita Parties Provide a guide to Los Angeles Nightlife, Downtown LA Nightlife and Hollywood Nightlife.

    Los Angeles Nightlife is huge so it makes sense that there are many smaller area with its own nightlife distinctions. Downtown LA Nightlife is quite different to Hollywood Nightlife and neither are comparable to the nightlife experience in the beach cities.

    Big cities brew big nightlife but what makes a nightlife great? Read these articles to find out
    *Downtown LA Nightlife
    *Hollywood Nightlife
    *Los Angeles Nightlife


    Find Things to do in LA and Things to do in Hollywood. We’ve put together the most popular Hollywood Events during week nights and LA Events during weekends. We have included Free Los Angeles Events and special Los Angeles Events this weekend.

  • Party Packages and Party Planning for your celebration

    Party Planning

    We excel at party planning for groups of all sizes. From unique venues to professional staffing, extraordinary menus to headline entertainment, we will create an event for you that will exceed your highest expectations! To plan your next party click here >>> Party Planning

    Party Packages

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    Party Bus Los Angeles:

    From 20 passenger to 50 passengers, We have a Party Bus for you. Each Party Bus is fully fitted with a stripper pole, plasma screen and state of the art light and sound systems. Click here to book a Party Bus now >>> Party Bus Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Limo Service:

    Our Los Angeles Limo Service fleet includes 10 passengers Lincolns and Chryslers as well as 20 passengers stretched SUV limousines such as Hummers, Escalade, Excursions and Navigators. Click here to book a Limo Service now >>>Los Angeles Limo Service


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